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I Am Legend 2 returns with Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan

I Am Legend 2 is now in production at Warner Bros., with Will Smith making his return as Robert Neville alongside Michael B. Jordan.

Warner Bros. has announced that Will Smith will return to play in I Am Legend 2, alongside Michael B. Jordan. Will Smith played as Robert Neville, a bright scientist who escapes a virus that turns mankind into vampire-like creatures, in the 2007 film I Am Legend. Over a decade ago, the film was a major smash for Warner Bros., grossing $585 million worldwide. Despite the fact that I Am Legend’s initial ending controversially included the apparent death of Will Smith’s character, the studio continued to discuss the prospect of making a sequel.

I Am Legend 2 has been discussed at various phases since 2008, but the sequel’s door appeared to close in 2014. Instead, Warner Bros. stated that it was working on a remake of Richard Matheson’s novel. Since then, there has been little movement on a new I Am Legend film, but that changed recently when it was revealed that Warner Bros. was working on a new sequel in the franchise. It wasn’t clear whether the new picture would be a reboot or a sequel to the 2007 film at the time.

Now, it has been confirmed that I Am Legend 2 will be released, with Will Smith reprising his role. Smith will return to produce and appear in the long-awaited sequel, which will also star and be produced by Michael B. Jordan of Black Panther and Creed. Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan will be collaborating on a film for the first time. I Am Legend 2’s script is being written by Akiva Goldsman, although storyline specifics have yet to be published. There is presently no arrangement in place for a director, and there is no scheduled release date.

It’s unknown where I Am Legend 2 is in the development process, which raises questions about when audience will be able to see it. The sequel’s development, as well as Will Smith’s involvement, is, nonetheless, a significant surprise. It’s possible that the sequel may retcon the ending of I Am Legend, in which Neville appears to kill himself and a bunch of mutants with a grenade. Director Francis Lawrence sought an alternate ending in which Will Smith’s character survives and leaves New York to continue working on a cure. It remains to be seen whether I Am Legend 2 makes that alternate ending canon or finds another method to bring Smith back.

While there is still much work to be done on I Am Legend 2, the possibility of seeing Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan on the screen is exciting in and of itself. It will also appear to re-explore this planet more than a decade after the first film, which may allow the sequel to explain what happened to the virus and Darkseekers. I Am Legend 2 might even return to Akiva Goldsman’s past sequel ideas, such as cloning Neville to bring Smith back. In any case, maybe there will be more information soon regarding what this sequel will be about.



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